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What started as a 4 page newsletter in the Spring of 2006 and the desire to provide quality educational content to legal professionals everywhere, has blossomed into the Virtual Bar Association - a community of legal professionals looking to connect, learn and laugh so we can all #dolawbetter

Education is still at the core of the VBA! Loaded and immediately accessible to all new members are the presentations of the VBA's first round of hand-picked subject matter experts.  Known as our Literati, these core experts  provide unique and practical content aimed to save our Members the time and frustrations of not knowing what they don't know when it comes to office and web management.

Access to this information alone can save your firm a ton of cash AND the time needed to correct course because you didn't have a trusted guide before buying into some product or pitch. 

It's not just the trusted educational content already available that makes joining the VirtualBarAssn a must for anyone who works at a law firm -- we're constantly adding new (and unique) content, virtual educational opportunities and even in person gatherings in places like New York City and Washington D.C.


 From our long-standing monthly lunches, to the wildly popular (and tasty) Legal Meet-n-Geek gatherings, the VBA is all about helping those in the law #dolawbetter

If you are an attorney or other legal professional employed by a law firm, come and join us at the VirtualBarAssn where we connect, learn and laugh <-A LOT!


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